New World Tips, Tricks and Secrets: Ultimate List

by: admin on July 31, 2021 09:13 AM

This page contains all the New World Tips, Tricks, and Secrets that will help you during the game. There is a lot of information about crafting, harvesting, combat, and progression for both beginners and experienced players. Read this page till the end and this will help you to save a lot of gold and time.

We will be adding more and more information to this page. If you want to add something, share your tips in the comments below.

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  • Create a character at the closest server. This will lower the ping and eliminate the lags.
  • Playing in a group is a good idea. You don't lose experience or loot in this case but can destroy enemies and complete missions faster.
  • Don't offend other players in the chat. They can send a report and your account will be temporarily banned. Be polite and respect others, even if it's had to do.
  • Always use the Camp. It will provide you with a respawn spot and you will not have to run from the nearest Settlement to the place of your last death.
  • Upgrade your Camp. When you hit the 15th level you will get a special Survivalist Quest. This quest allows raising the level of your Camp. Don't ignore it. This will give you access to new crafting recipes and will make your life much easier in general.
  • Use Food. It gives extra buffs to HP or Mana regeneration which is always great.
  • All the upcoming events like sieges can be found on the global Map. Make sure to check it out regularly.

Questing and Progression

  • Don't ignore the main questline. The main quest will guide you through all the important information and will allow getting Azoth Staff, which is very important.
  • Don't select the XP Boost in Territory Rewards. This boost may look sweet at the beginning, but it becomes useless once you hit max level. You don't actually need extra XP when you hit the level cap. It's better to select Territory Rewards according to your future needs. For example, the Gathering Speed boost is much better at the end game.
  • Don't buy the first House right after you unlock it. Purchasing the first house isn't expensive but it will be much more difficult to buy the second one. A house is an extra teleport spot and it's better to buy it in the important zone. So think twice.

Harvesting and Crafting

  • Upgrade your harvesting tools as soon as you can. Don't run with Stone tools if you can craft or purchase better ones.
  • Don't purchase white Iron Harvesting Tools like Iron Knife, Iron Sickle, and so on from the Auction House. You can create all these tools at a crafting station pretty fast. But purchasing blue tools may be a good idea because of the extra perks.
  • The Tracking & Skinning profession can be much more beneficial than you think. It allows gathering resources required for making food.
  • Don't ignore Turkeys in low-level zones. Most players just don't touch them. But killing and harvesting Turkeys gives Feather, which is required for making arrows. Archers need a lot of Feather and you can sell it at the Auction. Selling Feather may be a very nice business.
  • Crafting ammo is a nice way to level up Engineering at low levels. People always need ammunition for their ranged weapons, so you can sell it. The materials for basic ammo are easy to find while you are questing.
  • Many crafting resources are located in a certain type of landscape. A global map can help to find resources much faster. It shows the type of landscape and associated resources.
  • Don't buy Water at the Auction. Water is very easy to get. Go to the nearest lake or river, make some steps inside and you will be able to harvest it.
  • Don't stop harvesting Crates if you want to be a crafter. Even if you think you have enough materials. The crates are the only source of many essential crafting resources.

Items and Inventory

  • Don't purchase Ammo from Faction vendors. You will have to pay in both Gold and Tokens. Take a look at the Auction instead. There is a 99% chance that someone sells it much cheaper.
  • A shield gives bonuses only if you hold it in your hands. There is no reason to put a shield in a slot if you don't actually use it.
  • Pay attention to the extra damage of your weapon. Some weapons deal extra damage to Corrupted creatures, while others have bonuses against Angry Earth. Don't forget about this.
  • Don't throw away Armor and Weapon if you don't need them. It's better to salvage them instead. You will get repair parts which are really necessary as well as some crafting resources.