Fire Staff

Total: 38
Title Description Tier
Reheat After 6s without activating a Fire Staff ability, your mana regen is increasd by 400%.
Combat Speed When you activate a Fire Staff ability gain 10% Haste for 5s. (cooldown 10s)
Trial by Fire When you are struck, create a field of fire around you dealing 5% weapon damage to all to nearby enemies in a 4m radius. Activates when struck in battle and lasts for 10 seconds. (Cooldown 120s.)
Watch it Burn Light attacks cause the enemy to catch fire dealing 3% weapon damage each second for 6s.
Kindle Burning lasts 20% longer.
Let it Burn Whenever burn deals damage, gain 10% Fortify for 2s. (Fortify reduces damage taken.)
Heat Up When you block a Melee attack, restore 5% of your max mana.
Pyromania While holding a Fire Staff and below 50% max health: damage is increased by 20%.
Heat it Up! Burn Out goes 50% further.
All In Fire Staff cooldowns are reduced by 5% for each foe hit by Burn Out.
Burn Out Dash through targets dealing 129% weapon damage on hit. Passing through a target will catch the target on fire applying a Burn that deals 10% weapon damage each second for 8s. Costs 30 Mana.
Pyro Dancer FlameThrower has no cooldown.
Infernal Flames Increase the base damage of FlameThrower by 25%.
Fire's Reach Increase the range of FlameThrower by 50%.
FlameThrower Create a jet of flame from the tip of staff dealing 34% weapon damage each second. Each hit catches enemies on fire dealing 3% weapon damage each second for 6s. Costs 5 Mana per second.
Flame out! Incinerate hits twice.
Cauterize Wounds Restore 20% of Incinerate damage dealt as health.
Scorched Each hit of Incinerate causes an additional stack of burning.
Incinerate Cause a fiery explosion dealing 130% weapon damage and pushes back all enemies 3m. Catches enemies on fire dealing 3% weapon damage each second for 6s. Costs 22 Mana.
Runes of Helios Casting a fire spell places a 2m rune on the ground increasing your spell damage by 30% while standing in the rune. The rune lasts for 7s. (Cooldown 30s).