Perks are special traits of the items in the New World MMORPG. They add different bonuses to the characteristics of your character. That means you can have items with the traits that suit your character in the best possible way.

The number of perks on the item determines its Rarity. There are 5 levels of Rarity in New World MMORPG:

  • Common [Grey] – 0 perks
  • Uncommon [Green] – 1 perk
  • Rare [Blue] – 2 perks
  • Epic [Purple] – 3 perks
  • Legendary [Orange] - Named and Legendary items have curated Perks and fixed Gear Scores

As you see the coolest items may have 3 or more additional traits that can make your character much stronger!

It's important to know that the bonuses you receive from Gems are not affecting the Rarity level. If you insert a gem in an empty gem slot the rarity of the item will not change.

How to add an extra Perk?

Right now it is impossible to add a new perk to an existing item or modify the list of bonuses. But crafters may affect the probability of making an item with an additional trait by using Azoth. There is a special slot for Azoth in crafting menu. The more Azoth you spend for crafting an item the higher the chance of obtaining an item with additional characteristics is.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to control the process and all the additional traits are added to an item randomly. You may spend a lot of resources if you are aiming to craft an item with a certain trait.

Perks List

The list below shows all the bonuses the item may have. Use this list to plan your character's itemization.

Total: 389
Title Description Tier
Woodworking Accumulation +2.0% yield when woodworking.
Weaving Accumulation +2.0% yield when weaving.
Smelting Accumulation +2.0% yield when smelting.
Leatherworking Accumulation +2.0% yield when leatherworking.
Stonecutting Accumulation +2.0% yield when stonecutting.
Weaponsmith Expertise +2.0 Weaponsmith Crafted Item Quality.
Jewelcrafter Expertise +2.0 Jewelcrafter Crafted Item Quality.
Engineer Expertise +2.0 Engineer Crafted Item Quality.
Cooking Expertise +4.0% chance to craft additional items when Cooking.
Armorer Expertise +2.0 Armorer Crafted Item Quality.
Arcanist Expertise +2.0 Arcanist Crafted Item Quality.
Strike Shield Ward You take 4.7% less Lightning damage.
Lightning Shield Ward You take 4.7% less Lightning damage.
Arcane Shield Ward You take 4.7% less Arcane damage.
Slash Shield Ward You take 4.7% less Slash damage.
Thrust Shield Ward You take 4.7% less Thrust damage.
Void Shield Ward You take 4.7% less Void damage.
Nature Shield Ward You take 4.7% less Nature damage.
Frozen Shield Ward You take 4.7% less Ice damage.
Flame Shield Ward You take 4.7% less Fire damage.