Here you can find a list of all the Weapons in New World MMORPG. Make sure to use filters to find the item you are looking for. You can group items by rarity and other important parameters.

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Title Level Tier
Crescent Fang
Crescent Fang Common
Destroyer's Wrath War Hammer
Orichalcum Skinning Knife Tools T5
Forsaken Life Staff Life Staff T5
Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle Tools T5
Primordial Round Shield Shield Vicious T5
Primordial Hatchet Hatchet Vicious T5
Orichalcum Logging Axe Tools T5
Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe Tools T5
Angry Earth Fishing Pole Tools T5
Ancient Fishing Pole Tools T5
Corrupted Fishing Pole Tools T5
Lost Fishing Pole Tools T5
Legendary Azoth Fishing Pole Tools Freshwater Colossus III T5
Tower Shield
Tower Shield Common
Legendary Tech Fishing Pole Tools Freshwaters Brawn II T5
Orichalcum Longsword Sword T5
Orichalcum Hatchet Hatchet T5
Orichalcum Great Axe Great Axe T5
Ironwood Bow
Ironwood Bow Common
Ironwood Spear Spear T5
Orichalcum Fire Staff Fire Staff T5
Orichalcum Life Staff Life Staff T5
Primeval Rapier Rapier T5
Primeval Spear Spear T5
Orichalcum Kite Shield Shield T5
Orichalcum Tower Shield Shield T5
Orichalcum Siege Hammer Great Axe T5
Primeval Life Staff Life Staff T5
Primeval Tower Shield Shield T5