Strength (STR)

Strength is one of the Attributes in New World MMORPG. It’s one of the main characteristics of a melee warrior because all the melee weapons scale with this attribute. Heavy weapons like Great Axes and War Hammers benefit exclusively from STR, while Swords benefit from both STR and DEX.  

Each point of STR gives your character:

  • +2.5% War Hammer Damage
  • +2% Sword Damage
  • +1.5% Hatchet Damage

Items that scale with Strength (STR)

Total: 1382
Title Description Tier
Destroyer's Wrath “Leave cursed retribution in your wake.”
Crescent Fang Crescent Fang Description
Unarmed Unarmed 1
Flint Spear 2-Handed. A Spear with a Flint head. Favors Dexterity for dealing damage, but Strength also contributes. Can be thrown. 1
Wood Longsword 1-Handed. A Longsword made of Wood. Favors Strength for dealing damage, but Dexterity also contributes. 1
Worn Round Shield This round shield has certainly seen better days. You should replace it as soon as you can. 2
Worn Longsword This longsword has certainly seen better days. You should replace it as soon as you can. 2
Whaler's Harpoon "Blubber is thick, but my spear is sharp." 2
Voidtinged Javelin "Let the tendrils of the void reach into your heart." 2
Vinewrapped Spear "Overgrowth has replaced a considerable amount of the wood that once formed the shaft of this spear." 2
Singed Pike "At one point or another this weapon was thrust into a fire leaving a long charred scar across the shaft." 2
Shiny Spear "It glistens in the light." 2
Oversized "Wand" "An overconfident mage once tried to teach an ogre to use a wand. The ogre quickly discarded the wand and killed the mage, but what remains seems to be functional as a spear." 2
Misery's Cure "Let me end your anguish." 2
Long Arm of the Law "You cannot outrun justice." 2
Lightning Rod "In the heart of a storm, lightning seems drawn to this weapon." 2
Journeyman's Practice Lance "Jousting is an older art, but it still requires years of training before you have any shot of competing in a tournament." 2
Jagged Edged Javelin "Hooks adorn the edge of the spear's head, allowing it to remain stuck inside any victim." 2
Icepick "The glacial freeze is difficult to break up. In my years of exploration I've found that quick and powerful jabs yield the most consistent results." 2
Gutskewer "The executioner jammed the spear into his prisoner's abdomen, ripping out his entrails." 2