Life Staff

Total: 38
Title Description Tier
Glowing Focus Buffs you grant last 20% longer
Spirits United Increases mana regeneration for you and group members by 3%.
Balance When you get hit while below 50% health, gain 10% Haste for 5s. (cooldown 20s)
Protector's Strength If you have a buff heal for 10% more.
Protector's Touch Lifestaffs Light and Heavy grant 15% Fortify for 3s when hitting an enemy. (Fortify reduces incoming damage.)
Defensive Light When you block a Melee attack: gain 5% max mana.
Bend Light After a dodge, your heals are 20% more effective for 5s.
Speed of Light When Beacon heals a target it also applies 20% Haste for 3s. (Haste increases movement speed.)
Radiance's Blessing Beacon lasts 5s longer
Infused Light Beacons area of effect is now 50% larger.
Beacon Shoot out a light projectile that deals 146% weapon damage to enemies, attaches to it's target and heals all nearby allies for 20% weapon damage each second for 10s. Costs 16 Mana.
Magnify When you heal with Light's Embrace extend lifestaff buffs by 2s
Connection When you heal a target with Lights Embrace gain 1% of your max mana for each buff your target has.
Inspire When you heal a target with Lights Embrace target receives 25 stamina
Light's Embrace Targeted heal for 100% weapon damage +30% more for each buff on that target. Costs 18 Mana.
Aegis When this projectile hits, it effects all allies within a 3m radius
Shared Protection If you successfully heal an ally with Orb of protection, you also gain Fortify, and Recovery.
Protector's Blessing If Orb of Projection hit an ally they gain Recovery for 10s. (Recovery heals for 7.5% weapon damage every second.)
Orb of Protection Shoot out a light projectile that grants 10% Fortify for 20s, heals an ally for 10% of weapon damage, and deals 146% weapon damage when it hits an enemy. (Fortify reduces incoming damage.) Costs 16 Mana.
Divine Blessing When you heal an ally if their health is below 50%: heal for 30% more