Hatchets in New World

Here you can find a list of all the Hatchets in New World MMORPG. This weapon type is great because it allows both face-to-face and ranged attacks. It has a pretty fast attack speed.

Total: 236
Title Description Tier
Flint Logging Axe 1-Handed. A makeshift but functional Logging Axe. Used to gather trees, albeit slowly. 1
Zephyr Strike "Flies true, even in the harshest winds." 2
Smoldering Rage "The hatchet is dormant until it feels the firm grip of a hand. Once wielded, it sets itself ablaze." 2
Port of Call "He wouldn't leave the vessel until he was home. He did not seek the wonders of the world.“ 2
Panacea's Touch "As you grip the handle you feel your ailments begin to fade." 2
Mountineer's Remorse "While being frozen solid can make hatchets more effective, this generally isn't true of their climbers." 2
Kent's Grave Trowel "Technically the bodies don't decompose, but the Azoth residue is quite healthy for the gravebloom." 2
Jagged Amethyst Cleaver "The beauty and the brutality of this weapon are not lost on you." 2
Howling Wind "A sound like the cry of a wolf can be heard when this axe is thrown." 2
Dragonsblood "Let this token remind you of your history. You are one of us." 2
Desecrated Logger "Honest work won't save you from the darkest calling." 2
Dark Quandary "If your opponent falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, did they really die?" 2
Ceremonial Cleaver "Syndicate archaeologists suspect this axe was used for Ancient rituals. What those rituals were is still unknown." 2
Brittle Fury “Great for hacking at flesh, quite terrible at culling trees.” 2
Berserker's Bane "For all his ferocity, it was his own axe that doomed him." 2
Aristocrat's Fine Hatchet "While the high born rarely do phyiscal labor, they do enjoy tossing the occasional axe at a stuffed target." 2
Arbirator's Wisdom "The difference between life and death is but a swing." 2
Iron Hatchet 1-Handed. A Hatchet made of Iron. Favors Strength for dealing damage, but Dexterity also contributes. Can be thrown. 2
Rootwrapped Axe "Roots envelop the handle, providing you with a formidable grip." 2
Sapling's Fury "While small in stature, this axe is capable of considerable damage." 2