Fire Staves in New World

Here you can see a list of all the Fire Staves you can find in the New World MMORPG. This weapon type deals good magical damage. Can be used for fighting against a single target or multiple targets at once.

Total: 232
Title Description Tier
Unbridled Fury "The enemy of my enemy is my enemy." 2
Staff of the Fragile Flame "Stoke the flame lest it die a quiet death." 2
Spellstaff of the Dark Magician "Wield this magic wisely. With great power comes a great cost." 2
Shining Light "Let the world see your light." 2
Mariner's Flaming Greatstaff "Before crash landing on Aeternum most sailors thought that magic was just a myth. They never could have imagined they'd one day wield such a power." 2
Love, Ignited "Look at me, tell me that what I am feeling is not real." 2
Ignited Greatstaff "Keep your rage in check lest it consume your being." 2
Gravekeeper's Torch "Keep watch over the dead, for they are restless and dangerous." 2
Frostbitten Fire Staff “The flame lingers despite the frosty tendrils of the staff.” 2
Flame of the Wilds "Fires are a natural occurence. They uproot the old and bring in the new." 2
Firestorm Spellstaff "Without notice the sky opened up and fire began raining down from the heavens." 2
Cinder "Know that, in this moment, you and the fire are as one." 2
Burning Voidtendril "The void burns all that it touches as it corrupts the weak of heart." 2
Burning Faestaff "The staff is clearly crafted by the faefolk, with an enchanted flame adorning the edges." 2
Arcane Fire "Master magicians all start somewhere. The poor soul who lost this is probably still being scolded." 2
Ancient Firebrand "The Ancients briefly experimented with fire magic when they arrived, though they largely found it too primitive for their tastes." 2
Iron Fire Staff 2-Handed. An iron staff that is used to channel Fire Magic. 2
Wanderer's Fire Staff "Speak softly and carry a big flaming stick." 2
Searing Pain "If you can't take the heat, don't stand in its path." 2
Sparklight "Your legacy is like a spark. Light it and watch it grow." 2