New World MMORPG Skills: Full List

Skills are one of the most important parts of the progression system in the New World MMORPG. As you probably know, the game doesn’t have strict classes. You are free to select a path for your hero and this is where skills become very important.

New World is a game of freedom. Any player in the game can use any type of weapon and armor anytime. The more you use certain weapon type the more advanced you become with it. For example, if you prefer to fight with Two-Handed Sword you will be advancing with it and you will be receiving special Skill Points that you can spend on progressing within that path.

It’s simple, you advance in what you prefer to use. The cool thing is that you can always take another weapon and start progressing with it.

Skill Lines

Each weapon type and crafting profession has an independent skill line. As for the armor, right now we don’t have enough information about this. Receiving and spending skill points within a line allows unlocking new Abilities. You can unlock new power attacks or passive buffs.

Here are the main skill lines in the New World: (The list isn't full due to NDA)

Sword Mastery - unlocks new powers for a one-handed sword and shield combination. You can focus on either defensive of more offensive playstyle. 

Bow Mastery - a path for an archer.

Throwing Axe - a path for a player with a throwing hatchet

There are two main categories of Abilities: active and passive. Active can be used upon activation. They can be placed on your action bar and you can trigger them when you want to. Passive skills affect your character all the time. They increase the powers of your hero permanently. This is how the action bar looks in the game:

Action bar

There is one very important restriction: a player can have only 3 active abilities on his action bar at a time. You can’t just place all your attacks and use them all; you have to select which ability is more valuable for you. The attacks can be triggered with special binded keys: Q, R, F. You can change the bindings game settings.

All the active attacks have cooldowns, meaning you can’t spam them again and again. You will have to wait when the attack is ready. That’s why timing is very important in the game. You need to select a proper time for triggering the attack to make it as effective as possible.

How to Respec?

The progression system in the New World is very flexible. It allows players to use any combination of armor, weapons, and crafting professions. But such flexibility has its disadvantage: you may find that your current build doesn’t fit your play style or you may just want to try another build.

Fortunately, you can reset your skill points anytime. We will write about thin in the future.