Swords in New World

Here you can find a list of all the Swords in New World MMORPG. This type of weapon is used for face-to-face combat. Don't forget that you also need a good shield to get maximum power. Dual wielding is impossible in the game right now.

Total: 243
Title Description Tier
Wood Longsword 1-Handed. A Longsword made of Wood. Favors Strength for dealing damage, but Dexterity also contributes. 1
Worn Longsword This longsword has certainly seen better days. You should replace it as soon as you can. 2
Valor's Beginnings "This blade, much like its original wielder, is more suited to cut wheat than demons." 2
Subservience "Only those who have the uncompromising will to obey shall wield this blade." 2
Sanguine Crook "So sway others you must win their hearts, but sometimes taking a heart does just as well." 2
Runecarved Blade "The artistry of the Ancients lives on through this blade. Perhaps there's some meaning to it." 2
Pure of Heart "Many a knight have crashed against their dragons. Many a knight have failed." 2
Prismatic Vista "Hold it up to the light, I think you'll like what you find." 2
Phoenix Ashes "I will rise again, more powerful than before." 2
One Last Breath "Is this how they will remember you sputtering and gasping for air?" 2
Mountain Thorn Years of Azoth pulsing through the mountain's core have honed this sediment into a deadly edge. 2
Moonlit Dance "The fireflies danced along the reflective surface, unaware of the carnage to come." 2
Frigid Gale "Best bring furs. The chill cuts to the bone." 2
Forgotten Memory "This worn blade has seen thousands of years pass and nearly as many wielders." 2
First Contact "He gently placed the crude blade in one of the Stranger's four hands. The Stranger smiled." 2
Eye Of Darkness "Look too long into this blade, and you'll learn things about yourself you never wanted to know." 2
Effervescence "Take a deep breath. Find the darkness within yourself, and let a boiling rage fill your heart." 2
Dark Tidings "There is trouble brewing on the horizon. I can smell it on the wind." 2
Briarmaw "Those who trouble themselves to cut through briars often have the sense to take the long way back." 2
Iron Longsword 1-Handed. A Longsword made of Iron. Favors Strength for dealing damage, but Dexterity also contributes. 2