Intelligence (INT)

Items that scale with Intelligence (INT)

Total: 798
Title Description Tier
Twisted Metal Rapier "Three prongs of metal are curved and twisted together forming one strong blade." 2
Stormbound Sabre "Find me in the storm." 2
Overly Sharp Crystal "It's really sharp." 2
Lightless Rapier "The weapon absorbs the light that shines on it." 2
Iceforged Rapier "Quickly cooled and enchanted with the power of the tundra." 2
Gutsticker "One thrust and I'll have won our duel." 2
Glassforged Rapier "Were this blade any thicker it would be impractical. But the glass makes a fine point that is perfect for thrusting at your enemies." 2
Forgotten Competition Rapier "Dueling is a remarkably popular past time in Aeternum. One duelist was defeateds. badly he left his settlement, leaving this rapier behind." 2
Fiery Rapier "Sparks dance from the blade." 2
Faeforged Rapier "Lightweight with immeasurable strength." 2
Enchanted Sabre "A mage blessed the metal before it was forged, leaving a magically imbued blade that presents a danger to all." 2
Elegant Stick "A whitled down stick used by children as a rapier. It's sharp enough to be somewhat dangerous." 2
Cloth Adorned Rapier "Silk tendrils flow from the handle of the rapier. A beautiful weapon as elegant as it is precise." 2
Ancient Yardstick "Measurements were essential to the experiments of the Ancients." 2
Unbridled Fury "The enemy of my enemy is my enemy." 2
Staff of the Fragile Flame "Stoke the flame lest it die a quiet death." 2
Spellstaff of the Dark Magician "Wield this magic wisely. With great power comes a great cost." 2
Shining Light "Let the world see your light." 2
Mariner's Flaming Greatstaff "Before crash landing on Aeternum most sailors thought that magic was just a myth. They never could have imagined they'd one day wield such a power." 2
Love, Ignited "Look at me, tell me that what I am feeling is not real." 2