Focus (FOC)

Items that scale with Focus (FOC)

Total: 235
Title Description Tier
Staff of the Court Mage "Fit for royalty, this staff belonged to several generations of court sorcerers." 2
Staff of Splendor "Gaze upon the wonders I create." 2
Staff of Ancient Wonders "For all their marvelous creations, the magic artifacts left by the Ancients are among the most splendid objects to be found in Aeternum." 2
Song of the Crystals "The crystals in the staff hum and sing a song that soothes your heart." 2
Ship Medic's Staff "Crossing the ocean is a daunting task even with the finest crew. Keep a well trained medic on board for the injuries you are sure to sustain." 2
Shattered Life "No matter how broken you are, you can be pieced back together." 2
Peaceful Dream "Sleep, my sweet ones. Tomorrow you shall rise again." 2
Mended Wounds "You are whole again." 2
Lifegiving Waters "Let the waters rush over you and calm your spirit." 2
Immutable Wish "What if, just this once, we lifted each other instead of ourselves?" 2
Glowing Life Staff "The staff glows when nearby corruption." 2
Frozen Life "Thousands of years trapped beneath the ice, and yet life still simmers within you." 2
Fleshbinder "Siphon the spirit and leave the body behind." 2
Flames of Rebirth "Be born anew in my fire!" 2
Earth Imbued Staff "Let nature into your heart and it shall heal your wounds." 2
Dying Light “The light went out in his eyes as I tried to bring him back.” 2
Dark Mending "Let my power heal your wounds and taint your heart." 2
Arcane Infused Life Staff "Arcane magic is... unusual for these sorts of spells, but I suppose it can work." 2
Iron Life Staff 2-handed. An iron staff that is used to channel Life Magic. 2
Bad Medicine "This is going to hurt, but I promise it will help." 2