Dexterity (DEX)

Items that scale with Dexterity (DEX)

Total: 1592
Title Description Tier
Crescent Fang Crescent Fang Description
Flint Spear 2-Handed. A Spear with a Flint head. Favors Dexterity for dealing damage, but Strength also contributes. Can be thrown. 1
Wood Longsword 1-Handed. A Longsword made of Wood. Favors Strength for dealing damage, but Dexterity also contributes. 1
Worn Longsword This longsword has certainly seen better days. You should replace it as soon as you can. 2
Whaler's Harpoon "Blubber is thick, but my spear is sharp." 2
Voidtinged Javelin "Let the tendrils of the void reach into your heart." 2
Vinewrapped Spear "Overgrowth has replaced a considerable amount of the wood that once formed the shaft of this spear." 2
Singed Pike "At one point or another this weapon was thrust into a fire leaving a long charred scar across the shaft." 2
Shiny Spear "It glistens in the light." 2
Oversized "Wand" "An overconfident mage once tried to teach an ogre to use a wand. The ogre quickly discarded the wand and killed the mage, but what remains seems to be functional as a spear." 2
Misery's Cure "Let me end your anguish." 2
Long Arm of the Law "You cannot outrun justice." 2
Lightning Rod "In the heart of a storm, lightning seems drawn to this weapon." 2
Journeyman's Practice Lance "Jousting is an older art, but it still requires years of training before you have any shot of competing in a tournament." 2
Jagged Edged Javelin "Hooks adorn the edge of the spear's head, allowing it to remain stuck inside any victim." 2
Icepick "The glacial freeze is difficult to break up. In my years of exploration I've found that quick and powerful jabs yield the most consistent results." 2
Gutskewer "The executioner jammed the spear into his prisoner's abdomen, ripping out his entrails." 2
Forest's Guide "Keep the Dryads at an arms reach, for they are lethal creatures." 2
Faefolk's Spear "Beautiful flowers and vines adorn every corner of this weapon. It is as enchanting as it is deadly." 2
Diamond's Head "The head of a spear is an odd use for such a precious gem, though I suppose it is rather sharp." 2