Muskets in New World

Here you can see a full list of all the Muskets you can find in the New World MMORPG. This weapon type is a good choice for ranged combat. It deals nice damage but requires bullets.

Total: 234
Title Description Tier
Void Repeater "Each shot seems tinged with corruption." 2
Reckoning "All your sins are laid bare in might sight." 2
Long Lost Musket "I knew I had left you somewhere!" 2
Lightning Shot "The sound of thunder erupts with each shot." 2
Light in the Dark "It is brief, the flash, but it's enough to blind you in the dark. Keep one eye closeds. you can switch and move quickly." 2
Immolated Quickshot "Ash spews everywhere each time this old rifle is fired." 2
Glass-grip Musket "Stained glass adorns the underside of the musket, seemingly there more for show than functionality." 2
Furious Repeater "This rifle fires off shots faster than you can reload them." 2
Frosty Flintlock "The steel is cold and brittle." 2
Forestsong Musket "Listen as my shot echoes throughout the forest. All shall know of my presence." 2
Fleshripping Repeater "A shot to your enemies gut is guaranteed to rip through their entrails and come out the other side." 2
Farmer Bob's Corrupted Shooter "Shoot 'em dead!" 2
Empowered Flintlock "A mage once casted dozens of spells on this musket trying to make himself the world's best shot. While he failed miserably at that, he did succeed at enchanting the weapon." 2
Crystalline Flintlock "Crystsals just out from the barrel, creating an unwieldy grip." 2
Cruel Musket "Wield this musket well and act in good faith, for its last owner did not." 2
Ancient Flintlock "This weapon was crafted ages ago yet still functions as you'd expect." 2
Iron Musket 2-Handed. A Musket made of Iron. Favors Dexterity and Intelligence for dealing damage. Fires Cartridges. 2
Vinewrapped Musket "Vines encase the sides of the musket" 2
Hunter's Longshot "Patience is key when hunting. Fire too soon and your prey escapes. Fire too late and you miss your chance." 2
Covenant Initiate Musket A well-made musket for newly-inducted Covenant Initiates. 2