Quests in New World MMORPG

Here you can find a list of New World MMO Quests. You will see where to get them, how to complete and all other information.

Total: 293
Title Description Tier
Zone of Control Eliminate Cannonstorm Pirates at Coffman's Redoubt, and steal their ability to fire on innocent ships entering Las Torres Bay.
Zarabanda del Ojo Rojo The red eye of the bay, the red eye of the bay, the tower calling sailors to their doom. Deep in the tower, hidden away, an ancient and powerful rune.
Wooden Hearts and Iron Heads Collect Corrupted Iron Hammerheads from the Elite Southguard Forgers of Svikin's Stand, and gather the Hearts of Wyrdwood trees throughout Aeternum
With Friends Like These Report to your Faction Representative to view the Faction Missions available, then return to Magistrate Bond for your reward
Where The Boars Roam Kill Boars and Tuskgore at Boarsholm for Survivalist Wilson.
What Came Before Cull Rotcrop Withered for a chance to to collect an item of interest.
Weaver's Weave Travel to Weaver's Fen and defeat the Periville Undead for vital materials
Weaver's Thievers Gather Chests for Metalworking Supplies in Fisher's End.
Watcher's Creed Slay Benjamin the Unbound for Watcher Trost
Warp and Weft Investigate the villages of Campbell's Rest and Clearwater Bend, and return with any remaining supplies.
Vengeance For the Weak Prove your worth to the Marauders by eliminating Withered at Cooper's Ranch, and returning what what treasure you recover
Varieties of Heat Find the stockpile of Salamander Snail Essence in Desolate Cliffs, and seek out bundles of Mirespice Blend held by the Mireblaze Gatherers
Vantage Point Climb the tallest tower in Edengrove, Malevolence, and collect Perfected Hemp String from Elite Dryad Bowyers.
Upper Harrows Deeper in Myrkgard's innards are the materials required for the forging of Boundless Ward. Defeat the corrupted and acquire the necessary materials.
Unholy Green Thumb Defeat the Curse of the Eldritch in the Roots of Pain to collect soil samples.
Unhallowed Rituals In Great Cleave, deep in Mangled Heights, are all manner of unatural practices. Recover the Corrupted ritual items and the High Priest's Aura by defeating him. These are required components to temper the blade.
Undying Appetite Find answers for the Overseer and uncover the dark truth about the farms in Brightwood.
Under the Same Stars Search chests for William Heron at Ancient Lookouts Hercules, Canis, and Ursa.
Undead Sagittary Travel to Periville and collect pieces of Pallid Ash Wood from the Undead.
Undead of Weaver's Present Kill Gillgut in Piscarian Fishery for Overseer Kemal.