Item Sets in New World

Item Sets in New World MMORPG are combinations of items for your character that consist of the gear for all 5 armor slots. The items from the same combination give the same type of resistance and look in the same style.

New World is a game of freedom. Any player can equip any type of armor and even mix different pieces of armor with each other. For example, you can equip a heavy plate piece of gear in your chest slot and a light piece of armor in your legs slot. You can combine items as you like…

But this isn’t the only way of gearing. You may want to focus on a single type of armor and put on items from the same Item Set. Here are the reasons for this:

  • The appearance of your character looks “neatly”. If you put on all the items from a certain combination your costume will look finished. It's just a cosmetic bonus, but it may be important for role-players.
  • You receive maximum defense against certain types of damage. Heavy sets give the best physical resistance; Light gives maximum elemental resistance; Medium gives both resistances.
  • [Not confirmed] Bonuses. We can assume that wearing a set will reward a player with some sweet bonuses. This is how it works in other MMO games.

Sets List

Here is a list of gear sets you can find in New World MMORPG:

  • Trapper – You will look like a man who lives in wild nature or like a trapper.
  • Duelist – You will look like a musketeer with a silk shirt and a stylish hat.
  • Explorer – You will look like a Capitan of the ship in a tricorne hat.
  • Witch Hunter – You will look like a person who searches and kills witches.
  • Plague Doctor – You will look like a real Plague Doctor with a traditional mask.
  • Sage – You will look like a monk or like a wisdom seeker.
  • Officer – You will look like military men from the 18th
  • Courtier – You will look like a nobleman.

Note: this list isn’t full. We have made it according to the information from the official videos. We are sure that there are more of them in the game and we will add them to the list later on.

How to get?

Right now we know that getting set pieces is possible from crafting. You can go to a crafting station and make the item you want there. You can even craft a full set if you have enough materials and skills.

There is one thing you should remember: in many MMORPG games, a set usually consists of one piece of gear for every armor slot: one certain item for the head, one for the chest, and so on. In the New World, this works a little bit differently. The items in the game may have a different tire. For example, a chest piece from Officer Set may be either Tire IV - Silk officer Coat or Tire V – Infused Silk Officer Coat. The latter is better and gives better protection, but both belong to the same combination of items.