Bows in New World

Here you can find a list of all the Bows in New World MMORPG. A bow is a powerful ranged weapon used to kite enemies from distance. It occupies two hands so you can't wield another weapon with it.

Total: 228
Title Description Tier
Whisp of the Woods "The arrows came as if out of no where. One moment, nothing, the next, only death." 2
Whisper of Faith "When you loose, have faith your arrow will fly true. Do not hesitate with doubt." 2
Vinewarped Longbow "Vines have grown around the limbs of the bow as it lay unused for decades." 2
Unseen Observer "We stay concealeds. that we may learn." 2
True Sight "Close your eyes and let loose your arrow." 2
Steel Amalgamation "Rivets and bolts hold this monstrosity together. The weight alone makes the bow less than practical." 2
Regent's Hunting Bow "Eventually you will grow tired of hunting boars. It is then that you will seek out the most dangerous game; man." 2
Phoenix Feather Recurve "The string of the bow is said to be crafted from the feathers of a phoenix. Just as the string begins to get worn out, it appears again as fresh as the day the bow was made." 2
Needle Threader "Firing an arrow is like threading a needle through a fine linen. You must be perfect lest you ruin the whole tapestry." 2
Moonshot "Aim for the moon, and if you miss, you land amongst the crushing empty void." 2
Ice-threaded Longbow "The icey tendrils are pervasive, piercing into the heart of the bow." 2
Gutpiercer "Designed to inflict maximum pain." 2
Fallen Comrade "You may have his face, but you are not my brother." 2
Enchanted Longbow "The strings vibrate as your fingers run up and down them. Magical energies are imbued deep within the sinew." 2
Decorative Longbow "This belongs on a mantle." 2
Crystalline Compound Bow “Crystals protrude out from the limbs of the bow, adding a lethal and jagged edge.” 2
Ancient Avenger "Let not my sacrifice be in vain. You are our last hope." 2
Treated Wood Bow 2-Handed. A Bow made of Treated Wood. Exclusively favors Dexterity for dealing damage. Fires Arrows. 2
Venerable Recurve "To wield a bow is a privilege. You must shape the bow yourself, craft the arrows yourself, and honor your prey. Kill for need, not for want." 2
Covenant Initiate Bow A well-made bow for newly-inducted Covenant Initiates. 2