Items in New World

Here you can see a list of items you can find in the New World MMORPG. They can be used for different purposes: to recover health and mana, for crafting, for making food, and of course for gearing up.

Total: 10006
Title Description Tier
Thorpe's Key A key which grants access to the Corrupted Core.
Blessed Obelisk Key A key which grants access to the Crypt of the Regent.
Obelisk Key A key, when blessed, grants access to the Crypt of the Regent.
Hallowed Candle A hallowed candle, like the ones they give out to kids for halloween
Arcane Orb An empowered Arcane Orb attuned to the magical frequencies of the Lazarus conduits.
Mysterious Azoth Water This Azoth Water is Mysterious!
Purifying Flame A vessel for the Purifying Flame
Azoth Sapling Branch A delicate branch of the Azoth Sapling
Azoth Seed An Seed of Azoth, it looks like it might grow in the right soil
Concentrated Blight A small sample of Concentrated Blight
Delicious Truffle A heavy, fragrant mushroom used for a variety of delicious purposes
Shu-Song's Cooking Tools A collection of knives and ingredients that Shu-Song needs to work his culinary magic. 1
Bao's Special Meal A scrumptious meal made of different kinds of seasoned meats.
Bison Meat Red meat of the bison variety.
Bear Meat Hearty strips of bear meat.
Tiger Meat Juicy haunches of tigers.
Dynasty Keys For opening Dynasty-built cages and setting things free.
Red Strings Of Fate Red strings symbolizing the connection between two spouses.
Crimson Claw Sharp and probably too dangerous to have at a wedding.
Naga Headdress A shimmering headdress full of gems and unknown powers.