War Hammers in New World

Here you can see a full list of the War Hammers you can find in New World MMORPG. This weapon type is great for both Tanking and DPS. It provides good damage output as well as crowd control abilities.

Total: 242
Title Description Tier
Wavesmasher "Do not let the waves break you." 2
Serrated Maul "For when you need to tenderize and tear." 2
Pristine Dawn "May she light your way, when all you see is darkness." 2
Nimbusight "The winds are picking up. Head for shore and don't look back." 2
Mischievous Hare "Walking through the forest and bopping them on the head." 2
Iced Crusher "Smashing your way through the tundra is an effective way to travel." 2
Heart Beat "The first and last thing you'll hear in life." 2
Guard Captain's Maul "Keeping the peasants away from royalty is not easy work." 2
Ghastly Gavel "Guilty." 2
Forceful Rebuke "She spat the words at him as though they tasted bad." 2
False Hope "Even in the darkest deception, lies some small truth." 2
Earthshaker "This will teach you how the mighty fall." 2
Eager Steel "Out of the furnace, into the fight." 2
Broken Glass "Glass shatters into the skin of your enemy as your hammer crushes their bones." 2
Bonecrusher "Ironically, this deadly Ancient weapon was designed for shattering opponents' bones." 2
Bloodied Crusher "The heat of battle is a grim place. Sometimes it's difficult to separate friend from foe." 2
Arcane Cracker “Knowledge has no bounds, why should you?” 2
Iron Siege hammer 2-Handed. A Siege Hammer made of Iron. Designed for destroying structures, and most effective when used on gates. Exclusively favors Strength for dealing damage. 2
Iron War Hammer 2-Handed. A War Hammer made of Iron. Exclusively favors Strength for dealing damage. 2
Adventurer's Warhammer A well-made weapon. It will serve you as well as it served its previous wielder. 2