Ice Gauntlet

Total: 38
Title Description Tier
Ultimate Frost Doubles Ice Pylon's health and extends Ice Pylon frost radius to 5 meters. Standing in this area doubles Quick Frost and Empowered Frost bonuses.
Defiant Freeze Casting an Ice ability creates an ice hardened layer granting 20% fortify for 2 seconds.
Refreshing Frost Reduce all active cooldowns for ice abilities by 20% when casting an ability in a frosted area.
Frozen Touch Slow enemies by 25% for 2 seconds when they hit you with a melee attack while you have 100% health.
Empowered Frost Regain 3 mana for each spell cast while in a frosted area.
Quick Frost Increase speed by 10% in a frosted area.
Blocking Stamina Blocking with Ice Gauntlet will convert mana to stamina on hit. 3 mana to 15 stamina.
Cleansing Tomb Cleanse all debuffs when being Entombed.
Strengthened Tomb Increases defense by 25% for 3 seconds after breaking out of Entombed.
Entombed Player can entomb themselves in ice to become invulnerable and greatly increase mana regen. The Ice Tomb has a lifetime of 10 seconds and can be destroyed. Players have two options to cancel Entomb, exit by pressing RMB or break out of the Ice Tomb by pressing LMB causing a damaging knockback for 20 mana.\n\nCost 10 Mana.
Frigid Showers Frostbite applies Rend to target reducing defense 10%.
Quick Shower Any ally, including self, will get a 25% speed boost for 2 seconds when entering Ice Shower.
Enduring Shower Increase Ice Shower duration to 7 seconds.
Ice Shower Summon a shower of ice that creates a frosted area approximately 1 meter by 5 meters. Enemies that enter the Ice Shower will be stricken with a powerful Frostbite. Frostbite roots for 1 second, blocks sprinting and dodging, slows speed by 50%, and will remain on target for 3 second after exiting the Ice Shower. Ice Shower has a lifetime of 4 seconds.\n\nCost 25 Mana.
Pylon Refresh A successful hit extends Ice Pylon's lifetime by 1 second.
Pylon Dodge Dodging with full stamina increases Ice Pylon rate of fire for 3 seconds.
Pylon Regen Ice Pylon regenerates to full health 5 seconds after last damage taken.
Greater Pylon Increases damage of Ice Pylon by 10% for slowed targets.
Ice Pylon A placed Ice Pylon that fires ice projectiles dealing 50% weapon damage at enemies within a 20 meter range for 15 seconds or until killed. Ice Pylon creates a 1 meter radius frost area that enables frost powers. Cost 15 Mana.
Ultimate Chill Ice abilities chill targets increasing ice damage by 35% for 3 seconds.