Food and Drinks in New World

Here you can find the list of all the Food and Drinks of the New World MMORPG. These items are used to slowly recover your health over time, recover mana, give attribute bonuses, different wards, crafting bonuses, and so on. When consumed, they usually provide fast initial recovery and apply an extra buff which will be affecting your character for some time. This buff works even if you are fighting with enemies.

Some of the raw food like Meat can be used "as is" without extra preparation. But the bonuses from the raw food are too small. You will receive much better effectiveness if you cook it first.

Cooking is a separate crafting profession in the New World MMO. It allows you to make advanced food with very nice effects. Cooking will require you to find a fire. You can set up a camp or visit a settlement to find a kitchen there. Prepared food not only regenerates your health or mana but also gives you some extra buffs: increase attributes, enhance your stamina recovery, boost crafting skills, and so on. It is useful not only for recovery but also for crafting.

Keep in mind that eating food requires some time, so make sure you are in a safe place before you start. Food is a great out-of-combat HP recovery method and a pre-crafting booster. But it's difficult to use it in the battle because the recovery stops when you receive damage. Use potions if you are looking for instant in-combat health regeneration.