Great Axe in New World

Here you can see a list of all the Great Axes you can find in New World MMORPG. This weapon type is great for both DPS and Tanking. It provides good damage output as well as self-healing.

Total: 226
Title Description Tier
Wavecrushing Waraxe "Stand strong against the tide." 2
Voidridden Great Axe "Touched by the void." 2
Vinewrapped Great Axe "Roots reach forth from the hilt to the head of the axe." 2
Ruiner "Whatever you strike with this blade will never be the same." 2
Overweight Great Axe "Not particularly well balanced and a bit unwieldy, but it'll get the job done." 2
Mob Rule "We know you are innocent, but this crowd is here to see a beheading." 2
Massive Frosty Axe "The edge of the axe is a dark blue hue, much different than the steel present elsewhere." 2
Limb Splitter "Leg bone disconnects from the hip bone. Arm bone disconnects from the shoulder bone..." 2
Lamb Slaughter “You shall be my sacrifice.” 2
Journeyman Smith's Battleaxe "It was not the first axe he had crafted, but it was his finest." 2
Hulking Great Axe "Why would anyone need an axe this large." 2
Fleshripping Great Axe "A single cut will not suffice." 2
Flaming Great Axe "Hot off the forge." 2
Empowered Great Axe "The Archmage always did say to enchant your weapons." 2
Corrupted Hulking Battleaxe "Despite the massive size of this weapon, the void seems to make it somewhat lighter to carry." 2
Colossal Wood Axe "A massive axe, hand crafted from enchanted wood." 2
Axe of the Vast Caverns “Look down. Can you see the bottom?” 2
Iron Great Axe 2-Handed. A Great Axe made of Iron. Exclusively favors Strength for dealing damage. 2
Farmer Russo's Rusty Great Axe "Sometimes a pitchfork ain't enough to keep the Lost at bay." 2
Earth Battered Axe "This axe has seen better days after being carried all around the world." 2