List Your New World Company [Clan]

Hello, Clan Leader! Here you can add your company to our listing. After the submission, your guild will start appearing on the different pages of our website including guides, database pages, and so on. This will give your guild much better coverage and will allow finding new members faster.

We want to make this recruitment tool as useful as possible. That's why there are some rules you must know about and follow:

  • Add the guild ONLY if you are clan leader!!! This will allow to edit it in the future. If you are not the leader, send the link to this page to the leader, please.
  • Don't submit your guild multiple times. We don't allow multiple submissions. There is no reason to do this because the guilds are shown on the recruitment page and on the whole website in random order.
  • Right now, a player can submit maximum of 1 guild. Maybe we will change this in future.
  • If you want to edit the information about your company, visit the company's page and edit the information there.

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