Factions in New World

There are 4 main Factions in New World MMORPG, but only 3 of them are playable. You can become a member of  

  • The Marauders - want to establish a free nation where the power rules.
  • The Syndicate - a group that searches for forbidden knowledge to bring a new era of progress.
  • The Covenant - fanatics who want to clean the land from heretics to make its holy nature flourish and to bring justice.

There is also the fourth major side: The Corrupted.  You can’t join it and it’s controlled by the game’s Artificial Intelligence. It represents the dark side of the Azoth. The Corrupted are hostile to any player and they are the most obvious enemies.

As you see all the playable sides are different, they have different motives and rules. They create the basics for Player vs Player encounters.

You will be forced to join an alliance at the early stages of the game. Fortunately, you will have enough time to understand what every side is about.

Note: this choice is permanent! You can’t change the faction later on once you make a decision. That’s why you must make a wise choice.

The Goals

The in-game goal of any alliance is to control as much territory as possible. The game provides sweet bonuses for this. As your Faction controls more Territories you receive better loot, gather more resources from nodes and craft better equipment at higher base qualities.

After you chose a side you can join a Company [Guild] or create your own if you wish. Being a member of a guild allows you to participate in the alliance war capturing Forts and Settlements. These objects can make your guild to progress much faster and give your alliance more territory.

Factions in New World

Faction Wars

As you see capturing a territory is a very important part of the game. But you can’t just go and attack the enemy’s fortress. You need to make the hostile territory vulnerable first in order to declare a War. If the territory isn’t undermined, your guild will not be able to attack a territory. You need to increase the Influence of your faction in that specific territory first.

But the enemies don’t just sit and wait for you to come. They can resist you by raising their Influence in that territory.

How does the Influence work? It’s simple: both sides have dedicated PvP missions and the progress of each side in these missions determines the Influence of that alliance. If the defenders (current owners of the territory) don’t have enough progress with PvP missions to resist the progress of the invaders, the territory becomes Vulnerable and can be attacked.

PvP missions usually ask a player to do some work against the enemies: to scout an area, to deliver messages or items, or to do similar things. The important thing is that when you take any PvP mission you automatically become flagged for PvP, meaning that now any representative of a hostile alliance can attack you. If you die or if you turn off the PvP mode you will fail that mission.

As you see, every player is very important in the New World. If you don’t like PvP you still can help your faction by doing PvE missions making the villages progress faster. But if you like PvP your help can be even more valuable.


Q: What Faction in the New World is the best?

A: All of them are designed to be equal. They provide a player with the same basic experience. Of course, sometimes this or that side can dominate, but the domination shouldn’t be too serious. We don’t say that there will not be a leader on a certain server. Everything is possible. There may be a leading faction that is more active and successful than others. But it will not be able to dominate the server 100% of the time.

Q: How the developers can prevent one alliance from dominating the server?

A: There are several mechanics. First of all the more territory an alliance controls, the more difficult it becomes to capture new areas and defend the old ones. Each alliance has 2 hostile factions and if one dominates too much the other two may focus their powers on beating the strongest one.

The second thing is the Invasions. Strong alliance attracts much more attention from the Corrupted.

Q: How to change a faction?

A: It is impossible. Once you have selected a side nothing can be done to change it.

Q: Should I look at the “Active Wars” map before making a decision about an alliance to join?

A: In general, this information will not help you a lot. The war map changes very often. Today one side may be a leader or an outsider but this isn’t permanent. Everything will change in a couple of days.