Campfire in New World MMORPG

by: admin on February 25, 2020 09:45 AM

This guide will explain what the Campfire in the New World MMORPG is, how you can set it up, how to use it, and what benefits it provides. This knowledge is essential if you want to start progressing in the game as fast as possible.

When you appear on The Aeternum for the first time you have almost nothing in your inventory. You have only poor basic gear but you can do one very useful thing: you can set up a Campfire which is your personal place where you can do several things:

1. Rest and recover. Traveling throughout the world isn't easy; you meet a lot of enemies and participate in many battles. You can use the Camp to recover your HP. When you are standing near it you receive +25% to your health regeneration.

2. Respawn. When you die you will be resurrected near it if you don't have a respawn point activated. It's your mobile resurrection spot.

3. Craft basic stuff. It allows you to make things from the Wilderness Survival category. You can create basic tools required for gathering, for example:

  • Hatchets - to harvest trees.
  • Skinning knives – to harvest leather.
  • Sickles
  • Picks – to get stone from nodes.

These gathering tools are an essential part of the game. If you don't have the proper equipment you can harvest only Bush and Flint. But other resources are locked for you and thus you will not be able to craft good stuff. Make sure you have made all the basic tools as fast as possible.

You can also craft basic weapons like bows, swords, maces, and so on. These weapons will be your first weapons in the game.

Note: the list of items available for crafting at a bonfire can be increased. You need to advance in the Wilderness Survival skill line for this. You will unlock new items and will receive some other benefits.

How to set up a Camp?

The process of setting up a camp is very simple. Look at the bottom right part of the screen and find a bonfire icon there. This icon indicates the current status of your bonfire and displays a distance to your active bonfire after you have placed it somewhere.

All you need is to press Y key and you will see a plan on your screen. You can rotate this plan using Shift + Mouse Wheel if you want. Once you select the place where you want it to locate, just confirm the action and that's all. Now you can use it.

Campfire in New World

Note that not all the places are good for building. If the selected place isn't good the plan will become red and you will not be able to “build” it there. Find another place in this case.

Note: you can have only one active Camp at a time. After you have placed it somewhere it will be there until you “shut” it down. In order to remove the bonfire, hold the “Y” key again and you will see a progress bar around the icon. When the progress bar comes to an end, you are done. Now you can build your personal spot in any other place of your choice.


Q: I have lost my bonfire and want to find it. How?

A: It's very simple and there are 3 different ways to find it. Look at your top navigation "compass". Rotate the character and find a bonfire icon there. This is the direction of where you need to go. You can also look at the bottom right icon on the screen to see the distance to it. Move and look at the numbers there. If the numbers grow change your direction. The third way is to open a global map and find it there.

But if it's located too far it may be a better idea to destroy it and place it again near you.