New World Server Selection Guide: What server is the best?

by: admin on August 23, 2020 02:48 PM

This guide will help you to select the best server for playing New World MMO. When you jump into a multiplayer game the first important decision you make is selecting a realm where your character will be. This step is very important because it affects all your future experiences! If you select a wrong server you may have serious problems in the future.

The main criteria

Before you make a decision, you must know how to rank servers. Some players tend to rank servers based on the number of their friends play. But the only correct method to rank servers is to look at the Latency (PING). If you want to enjoy the game and have equal chances with all the other players, you must make a decision ONLY based on the latency numbers.

There is a rule: the lower the PING is the better.

Imagine that you live in the USA but for some reason, you select a server in Europe. All the European servers will be full of European players and you will have to play with or against them all the time. But the problem is that their ping will be around 70 – 80 ms while your ping will be over 250 ms. Your European opponents will be receiving all the in-game data 2 - 3 times faster than you! This means they will always have more time to react.

That's why you must look at the list of New World servers and find a server with the lowest PING. Fortunately, the game shows the latency for each server and you have all the information to make a good choice.

Don't forget that you can't transfer your character from one world to another. This choice is permanent. The only way to change the server is to create a new character!