New World: What class is the best?

by: admin on July 6, 2020 09:28 AM

New World is an MMO game meaning you can fight against other people. And every player always wants his character to be the strongest. Every player wants to dominate. This article will answer the question about the best class in the New World MMO.

First of all, not all MMO games have a Class system. New World doesn't have strict classes and gives you a lot of freedom.

For example, in World of Warcraft, you have to select the class in the beginning and this choice is very important. It determines all your future gaming experiences. But in the New World, you don't need to select a class. The progression system is different.

Weapons and Armor

In the New World, you progress in what you use. For example, if you take a sword and start using it you will be receiving Sword Mastery and you will be unlocking new skills for this weapon.

Later on, you may swap your weapon if you want. For example, you may take a bow anytime and star unlocking new skills for a bow.

All the weapons and armor are available to the player at any stage of the game. If you want to start playing as a fire mage all you need is to take a Fire Staff and that's all.

Of course, the more time you play with a certain weapon the more active and passive skills you unlock for that weapon. That's why it's a good idea to select 1 or 2 favorite weapons and focus on them to become a master. But you can become a master with all the weapons if you wish. This will require time but this's possible.

Weapon Skills

Attribute Points

As for the attribute points, things are a little bit more complicated. Switching from a Sword and shield to a Fire Staff will not turn your warrior into a mage instantly. Yes, you will be able to attack enemies with fireballs, but your attribute points will not let you see all the power of the Fire Staff. That's because Warriors usually invest most of the attribute points into Strength while the Mages prefer Intelligence.

But fortunately, you can reset your attributes at any level. You don't even need to visit a special place for this. All you need is to pay a fee and you are done.

As you see you can always change your playstyle in the New World. You can switch from one role to another anytime.

Which build is the best?

Now you know that there are no classes in the game, but the question stays the same. Is there the best combination of armor, weapon, and attributes that makes you undefeated?

Fortunately, the game has no absolute best builds. Some combinations may be slightly better for this or for that situation, but there is no build that allows you to dominate every time.

That's not only because all the encounters are different. That's because the combat in the game is real-time action-based. Your reaction and skill affect the result a lot. You must know when to block and when to dodge. If you know how to use your character you can even defeat a higher-level player.

New World is not about having better items or perfect rotation. Items are also important, but they don't make you undefeated.