Scouting Report

Scouting Report is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Kill Channelview Pirates in Channelview Post and Oceanview Pirates in Oceanview Post for West and East Runestones for Barkeep Andris.

Quest Giver:

Easy with your tankard there, traveler. These are some of our last drops of precious drink. We're short on supplies this week thanks to the scurrilous pirates to the north in Shiresad Beach. They've been surprisingly organized lately, attacking shipments from Mourningdale to here in roving bands from Fort Damnation. They must have some kind of leader giving orders out, since these undead pirates usually have coral for brains. Rather than send you to your doom right off the bat, I'd like you to investigate the Lookout Camps West and East of Fort Damnation to see if you can find any evidence of a puppetmaster pulling the barnacled strings here.


Can you believe it? A tavern without drink? That's like handle without a blade! The sooner you can put a stop to the pirates at Fort Damnation the sooner we can all go back to normal here, and I can keep serving customers. That's a barkeep's duty after all, to keep all you thirsty adventurers satisfied!


What have you got there? Two runestones, pulsing with light. It seems the pulsing grows stronger and faster the nearer it is to... drink? No wonder those pirates keep finding our shipments. I have no idea what kind of foul magicks created these stones but I know what they're being used for. We need to send a message to these scoundrels that our services are for paying customers only.