Talk to the Survivalist

Talk to the Survivalist is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Talk to Survivalist Thornton

Quest Giver:

With a sharp new blade at your hip, you should visit the Survivalist for this settlement. She's a lone wolf. Which I also mean literally, as she adores her wolf pelt armor. She rarely goes out of her way to deal with the affairs of others, but she has taken an interest after hearing stories of your exploits with Watcher Douglas on the beach.

This mysterious woman's name is Thornton. Visit her, and she will impart sound wisdom she's gained from experience in the wilds of Aeternum.


Run along, I've got plenty of work orders to complete and you've plenty of beasts to slay. Remember, always put your best into your work. You never know who will be looking.