Dregs of the Broken Cup

Dregs of the Broken Cup is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Explore Dayspring Mills and prove yourself to the Syndicate by recovering the abandoned research specimens

Quest Giver:

You arrive doubting, newcomer, but you will depart as a true believer. The Syndicate has long sought for knowledge, of the old ways, of the Ancients, of whatever may have been before even them. Some seek raw power, others to claim a divine purpose... but we seek more. Knowledge is the real power, and controlling that is worth any price.

I suspect you have seen the Harvestbane, those gaunt and wretched things, inhabiting our former home of Dayspring Mills. Many allies were lost when the town fell, and their research specimens with them. I would ask you to find and recover whatever you can. The knowledge cannot be lost!


The stars share their wisdom with all who look, newcomer, but I do not. The mysteries that the Syndicate studies should not remain the hands of those Harvestbane wretches... and more, those brutish Marauders and fanatical Covenant should never be allowed to claim that knowledge for themselves!

Go now, to Dayspring Mills. Seek the lost specimens and return them to me.