Strength of the Earth

Strength of the Earth is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Go to the ruins of Litheltop and investigate the hidden blight at its heart.

Quest Giver:

I have the next location I wish you to investigate to learn more about this blight. Deep in the cliffs in Elysian Falls are the ruins of Litheltop, held by the Dryads. I have word that, at the heart of its ruins, is a sudden breakout of blight. This is an opportunity to see at the Dryads and how they deal with the blight.

Go to the ruins, defeat the Dryads around the area, and take a sample of the Blight Fiends at the heart of Litheltop.


The Dryads and their congregation to Litheltop was fast work. Though we can't communicate with them, they seem to communicate with each other in some imperceptible way...


The Dryads seem to be working to contain the outbreak. Their warriors seem to patrol around the blight here, and seem to prevent its spread. Give me the sample from the blight that has developed there...

Yes, I'm seeing something similar here to the conclusions I drew from Nettlevex. The blight diseases what it leeches on to, and uses the azoth of host to grow.