From Grit Comes Glory

From Grit Comes Glory is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Explore Hatchburg Fishery and prove your worth to the Marauders through combat and the treasure you recover

Quest Giver:

Eternal life is the greatest reward to be bestowed, and should only go to those worthy of it. But who is worthy, you ask? The strong! The mighty! Those who have proven their worth on the battlefield, as the Marauders do! Only they can truly say they are free, without the boot of another on their necks.

But what good is freedom without wealth? Worthless! Which is why you will prove your worth on both counts. To the north is Hatchburg Fishery, overrun by those we call the Lakecast. Return them to the mud of the lake, and lay claim to what treasures you find. The Lakecast have no need of them, and to the victor go the spoils!


Why do you dawdle? Do you doubt your abilities? Perhaps you do not have the... fortitude... to join the Marauders after all. Only those who are willing to grasp destiny with both hands can prove themselves worthy of the Marauders. I had thought you to be one of them.