Blessing the Rains

Blessing the Rains is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Gather the materials necessary to create Torrent, the legendary bow.

Quest Giver:

Your eye must be sharp to have found me here. I've heard reports of your work in Caminus, you have a very good reputation among the Greyjacks for your deeds. Madaki mentioned weapon plans you've plundered from there, let me see them…

Ah, these here must be the plans for the mighty Torrent, a bow of legend among the rangers. Our duties often leave us in solitude, alone for miles and miles, and sometimes a trusty bow is the difference between life and death in the wilds. The Torrent is the perfect companion, named after a shower of well-aimed arrows that pierce the ground.

I shall be your guide on your journey to completing this mighty bow. It would fill the Greyjack rangers with pride to see such a bow in good hands.


If you find yourself lost in the wilderness, remember your weapons are your best friends. Treat your bow kindly, and it in turn will treat you well. When death wants a piece of your hide, your bow may be your only friend.


Yes, the materials here are of an amazing quality. Three woods, otherworldly sinew, and ancient bone for strength and flexibility, an oil coat to protect from the elements, high quality leather for superior grip, and a perfect string for a perfected draw. Take this bow, the Torrent, and wield it with pride. It's in a class all of its own.