A Prickly Request

A Prickly Request is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Obtain Briar Branches, Skinned Rabbits, and Plucked Turkeys for Barkeep Cormack's stew

Quest Giver:

Welcome, welcome! You're new here in Windsward, aren't you? Matthias Cormack at your service, though most just call me "Barkeep".

Say, you wouldn't be heading into the wilds soon, would you? People here are starting to get a bit homesick, not being able to leave, and I'm no different... so I thought I'd try and cook up my grandmother's stew, maybe it would help some others feel a bit better.

I'm running a bit low on supplies though, and there's no telling when the next shipments will make it through. With all the chaos lately, travelers getting hassled on the roads, and the Withered and Corrupted crawling out of every nook and cranny, shipments of supplies have been unreliable of late.

Think you could bring me a few Turkeys and Rabbits, and collect some Briar Branches?


My mouth is watering already, but I need those ingredients! Some Skinned Rabbits and Plucked Turkeys, as well as some Briar Branches to add a bit of extra punch. The rabbits and turkeys can be found most anywhere, though the briars would be easiest to find near the river to the northwest.

I know, it seems an odd collection of ingredients, but I promise you it'll be worth it. Whenever I was sick or feeling low, my grams would make up her stew and it cheered me right up.


Ah, that's a good haul, exactly what I was looking for. It'll take a bit of time for me to get everything prepared here, and I hope you're around when it's all ready. Should get to enjoy the fruits, or stews in this case, of your labor! Being stuck here at the tavern, I'm at the mercy of the traders and whatever you and yours bring in, so this is a great help.

I know you've far more important things to do than help me, so I appreciate you taking the time. You're right handy to have around! Stop by once in a while, I may have more odd jobs for you. If nothing else, I'll make sure you get a good meal for your troubles. Even you adventuring types need to eat, right?