Contact the Marauders

Contact the Marauders is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Meet with Commander Edwin

Quest Giver:

The situation on the island is rather precarious between the Factions, as each attempts to exert control over the settled areas of Aeternum. Once, the fighting spread through all of these areas, but even they realized that they had reached a tipping point.

To that end, the three Factions signed a Pact which declared all settlements to be sanctuary, and stated the circumstances of their internal war. The Magistrates of all settlements enforce this agreement, but only if we agreed to direct all new arrivals to each of them, to give each the opportunity to present their cause and entice you to join.

To fulfill my part in this, I direct you first to introduce yourself to Commander Edwin of the Marauders. He is loud, boisterous, and full of himself, but the Marauders selected him as their representative here.

He is on the deck of the ship above.


Speak with Marauder Commander Edwin, on the deck of the ship above. If you can cut through the bluster, he can be reasonable at times.

And remember, his is only one way. There are others to consider, as well.