Center of the Stars

Center of the Stars is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Search chests and cull Starfallen Ancient Guardians at the Shattered Obelisk for William Heron.

Quest Giver:

The Shattered Obelisk in the center of the towers holds the final key piece of information on the Ancients' relationship to the stars, it must with how everything is indicating towards it on these disks. As one final request I ask you venture to this Obelisk and collect a final piece of the puzzle from the chests there. It is under heavy guard by Ancient Guardian footsoldiers and must be something of extreme value.

Thus far we have discovered that the Ancients knew astronomy and used it to guide their building of these towers, but for what purpose? And why is the center so important? I simply must know.


I would have never been able to do this research without you, and for that I thank you profusely. Other adventurers denied me before you, calling me mad or telling me to stick with the Syndicate's findings of mere sundials. The Ancients were capable of so much more, and I believe whatever is in the chest at the top of the Shattered Obelisk will prove it.


What do you have there? This is, why, this is complete madness! This armillary sphere shows nine orbs orbiting a mass in the center, but this is impossible. While we all know there are heavenly bodies that rotate the earth, there is no way the earth could be this large or have this many bodies surrounding it. Is this supposed to be the sun? Hm. Perhaps the Ancients weren't as brilliant as I once thought.

Either way, thank you for bringing this to me. It leaves me with more questions than answers, but I now at least understand the Ancients' skills and astronomy knowledge much better. I must meditate on these findings.