The Winding Mountain Path

The Winding Mountain Path is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Deliver Orders to Warden Yseult of Mountainhome in Shattered Mountain

  • Location: Great Cleave
  • NPC: Warden Dimka
  • XP Reward: 12500
  • Gold Reward: 27948
  • Item Reward: Great Cleave Chopper (T5)
  • Standing Reward: 250
  • Azoth Reward: 20

Quest Giver:

Friend, there are no words to thank you enough for what you've done for us here. Your work has helped make up for many of the losses we have taken... even those recently. If you're willing to continue assisting the Greyjacks, there is somewhere else you should visit.

To the north, in Shattered Mountain, is the Mountainhome outpost. They are in the belly of the beast, and I'm positive they would relish your help. I have a small packet of orders for you to give to Warden Yseult.

I must warn you, the path is dangerous. I'd suggest avoiding the path through the valley... that's a deathtrap to even one as skilled as yourself. I'd recommend taking the mountain path to the north. It's small, so you shouldn't encounter much in the way of threats or patrols until you're on the other side.


Remember, follow the mountain path. The Southguard Corrupted in Svikin's Stand and whatever beasts are in Caminus will make short work of anyone they come across.

Warden Yseult will certainly be surprised to see you... I don't believe they've been reinforced in months, and we've only been able to sneak a trickle of supplies along the mountain path.


Oi, what's this? Your compass is arsewards if you're looking for safety. Head south, and don't stop 'til you've hit saltwater.

Orders from Warden Dimka? Let's have a look then...

Well. Speaks highly of you, says you've walloped a good measure of those poxied Corrupted down south, and you're here to help.

We can use the help, sure enough. Let's find something for you to do!

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