The Evolution of Corruption (Part 4)

The Evolution of Corruption (Part 4) is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Obtain samples of ectoplasm from the Ebony Hawk Faminegeists haunting Sleepy Tallow

  • Location: First Light
  • NPC: Artificer Kim
  • XP Reward: 6000
  • Gold Reward: 7377
  • Item Reward: Dye Pouch (T0)
  • Standing Reward: 250
  • Azoth Reward: 20

Quest Giver:

On the mountain above us, north of the Elafry Pyrgo, is a town called Sleepy Tallow. I recently heard a story from Overseer Oakes, likely pure balderdash, that it has become inhabited by... get this... Ghosts.

Yes, ghosts. While this place is full of oddities, I am doubtful that something so... paranormal... could truly exist. But, in the name of science, it is certainly worth investigating! If it proves to be true, I would hate to have a gaping hole in my research.

As you've likely deduced, I'd like you to look into it for me. If these things do exist, I shall require some form of their essence to complete my studies.


I do hope you haven't been scared off by such a preposterous tale. I'm certain it is just a trick of the light, or perhaps trapped gasses from a nearby swamp. Maybe even the light of the Elafry Pyrgo reflecting from the nearby rocks.

But! On the remote chance something is present in Sleepy Tallow, please bring me samples to study. However unlikely their existence, the data gathered may be the final pieces I need for my research.


Welcome back, my ghost hunting companion! Did spectres follow your footsteps? Phantasms howl in your ears?

What is this? Some kind of... ethereal gel? Where did this come from? There truly were ghosts in Sleepy Tallow?

I am... unsure what to make of this. But! Never let it be said that I was unwilling to accept evidence that forces me to question what I know! I will press on in the face of this new and changing world. Science will prove out the facts of this new discovery!

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