Repair Parts in the New World: Full Guide

by: admin on August 23, 2020 09:17 AM

This guide will explain how you can get Repair Parts in the New World MMO. Having enough of them is very important because they are used for fixing any type of gear. If you see that one of your items has lost durability, you will not be able to recover it without the Repair Parts.

How to check?

You can see how many parts you currently have by opening your Inventory. Look at the bottom right part of the screen under the bags section. The number of parts is displayed there between your Gold balance and the Azoth counter.

Repair Parts Counter

As you see, the cap value is 2 000, so you can't have more even if you wish. It's great that they don't occupy any inventory space and they will not reduce the weight you can carry.

How to get?

Most of the resources in the New World can be found or purchased. But it's not about the Repair Parts. They can't be purchased or found! You can receive them only from salvaging different items. You can salvage almost any type of gear in the game.

  1. Open the inventory and find an item you wish to salvage.
  2. Hover the mouse on it and press “S” + Left Mouse Button to destroy it.
    Salvaging an item
  3. Done, you have received some more repair parts and now you can try to repair your gear.

Note, that the origin of the item doesn't matter. You can salvage it regardless of where you have received it from.

That's why if you need to get some Repair Parts quickly, you can purchase some weapons or armor from another player and salvage them right away.

Every time you salvage you receive a different number of parts. Sometimes you will receive 1 and sometimes 3 from the similar items.

Don't throw away unnecessary gear! We advise to salvage all the items you can If you want to have enough resources for fixing your gear.