How to split items in New World?

by: admin on September 26, 2020 11:51 AM

This guide will explain how to split items in New World MMO. When you play the game, you collect a lot of different stuff. Sooner or later your inventory will become full of items and you may want to throw away some of them to free some space.

But some of the items like resources contain multiple pieces in one stack. What to do if you don't want to throw away the whole stack? How to divide a stack of 100 ore into two parts and throw away only some?

Fortunately, it's simple. All you need is to hover the item in the inventory and press CTRL + LMB. This will open up an extra window with a special interface. This interface allows to split the stack into two parts with a special scroll bar. Use the scroll bar to add or remove items from the stack you want to make.

Splitting items

After you finish, just drag and drop the new stack outside of the inventory window and it will be thrown away. This is a perfect tool if you want to get rid of a small part of the resources to get some free space.