New World Black Screen Glitch on Launch: How to Fix?

by: admin on June 8, 2020 07:56 AM

New World game has rather high system requirements compared to other MMORPG games. That's why if your PC isn't too strong you may face different glitches. One of them is: you can see a black screen and hear the music after you launch the game but nothing else happens. The game doesn't load further but at the same time, you can switch between the game and your desktop with Alt+Tab combination. It's not stuck. How to fix this issue?

Not Enough RAM

I faced this problem when I tried to launch the game on my older PC for testing purposes. I have 8 GB of RAM there and this problem usually appears when I try to run New World after I have worked in Windows for some time.

The game requires players to have at least 8 GB of RAM. This is the MINIMUM requirement. But when you work in Windows having only 8 GB of RAM in your PC, programs like Google Chrome, Opera, Photoshop and others may occupy a big part of it with the cache files for faster loading.

Open your Resource Monitor before you launch the game and see how much RAM is available. If you see that your programs occupy a huge part of your memory, this is why the black screen appears. You simply don't have enough RAM when you launch the game.

Remember, that you may even have issues if you close all the programs before you launch the game. Sometimes even closed programs continue taking 200 – 300 MB in the cache, which may affect the game launch if your PC is not too strong.

This is what you may try to do to fix the Black Screen glitch:

  • Switch off Autoload for all the programs you don't really need. This will help to free some memory which is very important if your PC meets only minimum system requirements.
  • Launch New World right after you boot or reboot your PC. Don't open web-browsers, text, or image editors. Just give some time for the Windows to load fully and start playing without launching other stuff.

These tips should help a lot.

Outdated Drivers

The next cause of a Black Screen glitch may be an outdated Graphic Card driver. Try to download the latest version of the driver from an official manufacturer's website, install it, reboot your PC, and try to launch the game.