How to Change Faction in New World?

by: admin on September 29, 2021 07:59 AM

This guide will explain how you can change Faction in New World. In many MMO games selecting a side is a very important choice. That's because a player can’t switch the side later on. Fortunately, this is not about New World. In this game, you can change from one alliance to any other immediately. But there are some restrictions.

All you need to do is to open your Character menu and then open the “BIO” tab. You will see the following image:

Change faction in New World

Find the “Change Faction” button at the bottom below the Tokens counter. Click this button and you are done. You will be offered to select a new side. As you see the process is pretty straightforward.


You can switch sides for the first time without any restrictions. You can even do it right after you make your first choice. But after this, you can change the alliance only once every 120 days (4 months). This restriction will prevent players from flipping alliances every several days.

What do you need to know?

Keep in mind that changing alliances will affect your bonuses. You will lose all the bonuses of your current faction. But you will grant all the bonuses of the new alliance.

Why is this possible?

Developers decided to give players more freedom. Selecting an alliance is a very important choice but a beginner can make a mistake at this step. If the alliance choice is permanent, a player has to create a new character to switch sides. But in New World, things are more player-friendly. You can start as a Syndicate member, then switch to Marauders and end up being a Covenant follower. Isn’t this great?

Some players don’t like this system. They think this may affect faction balance. But this isn’t correct. 120 days lock will prevent players from flipping side frequently.