How to get a Bow and Arrows in the New World?

This guide will help you to get your first Bow and Arrows in the New World MMORPG. The problem is that when you appear on the isle you have only a simple sword in your inventory… But not all the players may want to use swords. You may want to be an archer and you may want to start progressing in archery as fast as possible.

This makes sense because the game doesn’t have strict classes. Each weapon has a dedicated skill line instead and the more you use a certain weapon the deeper you advance with it. That’s why starting to use your desired weapon ASAP is a good idea.

The fastest way to get a Bow is to craft it. Fortunately, you will not have to spend hours looking for materials. Basic crafting is very simple.

Step 1. Place a Campfire first. It gives you access to basic tools and weapon crafting.  Press the “Y” key to initiate the building process. Select a place for your future camp and finish the building.

Step 2. After it’s ready you will see a crafting menu. If you don’t see it press “E” when standing near the Camp.

Step 3. Find a Bows under Weapons and Ammo section and find out what resources you need to make a basic Wooden Bow.

Crafting a Bow in New World

As you see you will need to get 5 Wood for it. Don’t forget that you also need arrows! Crafting 10 Flint Arrows will require 5 Flint, 5 Wood, 3 Feather. Total materials required:

  • 10 Wood
  • 5 Flint
  • 3 Feather

Don’t forget that you will be able to make a bow and only 10 Arrows for it… If you want to have more arrows gather more resources.

Step 4. Go and gather all the resources. We recommend crafting basic crafting tools to make the gathering process much easier. If you have a Hatchet you can harvest trees receiving 15 Wood from a single Tree!  

Step 5. When you have all the resources, return to the camp, and finish your crafting.

Now you have a basic Wooden Bow. It’s not strong, but anyway it allows starting practicing in archery right from the beginning.  

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