The Sieged Stake

The Sieged Stake is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Kill Seele's Withered at the Decayed Campsite for Magistrate Gurkin.

Quest Giver:

I bid you welcome to our settlement. It isn't much, but we've carved out a life for ourselves here on the Restless Shores. We used to have a much more bolstered claim to this whole offshoot island, but that was before the Seele's forces began their fighting. These two groups war outside of our settlement walls and no matter who wins it is the settlement that loses. Your coming along has given me an idea, stranger. Do you think you're strong enough to put an end to this conflict? Return to me once you've thinned the numbers of both sides of this madness.


Pirate grenadiers rain blue fire from above on the shambling Withered, an endless battle that neither side can win. You defeating both sides is crucial to reclaiming the land for our settlement, for the living. Do not tarry, for securing Seele's Stake is crucial to the plans we have to retake this entire island.


So you've vanquished our enemies. Many thanks. The Bubble Bay is a safer place thanks to you, and the settlement now has some room to breathe on this little island. That campsite used to be a place where people lived in peace outside the settlement and perhaps one day it will be again. There is another step in our reclamation I would like you to enforce as well.