Rainbow Hearts, Shadowed Intent

Rainbow Hearts, Shadowed Intent is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Recover Greyjack Heartgems from the Corrupted and search for clues about the Corrupted plans in Breakaway Fort, Acedia Bastion, Hollowing Fort, and Nullcavity

Quest Giver:

From what Warden Dimka says, you did a fine job out at Eastburn, really helped them out with the problems they were having. She also mentioned that you found some kind of Corrupted writings in Sunderfort while recovering Heartgems... thank you for that, by the way.

Four of our former forts are currently held by the Corrupted: Acedia Bastion, Breakaway Fort, Hollowing Fort, and Nullcavity. From what you describe, it seems they're holding them much they same way as Sunderfort. And like Sunderfort, they're also full of fallen Greyjacks.

I'd like you to try and recover as many Heartgems from the fallen Greyjacks as you can, and see if you find any other information about what the Corrupted are doing. You may even find more of their strange writings, maybe even something critical to finally pushing back against them!


Part of what we Rangers are tasked to do is recover the Heartgems from the fallen or Corrupted. There are so many now, we could probably encrust the entirety of Cleaves Malice with them, with plenty to spare.

Please, find any Heartgems you can in Acedia Bastion, Breakaway Fort, Hollowing Fort, and Nullcavity. I have hope that, along the way, you'll find more evidence that can tell us what those damned Corrupted are up to!


I can't believe it. You brought them back! I know it seems silly to an outsider, but this is how we remember those who came before. It gives us a way to honor and memorialize them, even those who have been taken by the Corruption.

You also found... huh. I can't read this, but I recognize some of the symbols, like the ones the Corrupted carve in the floating obelisks. I'll send these pages along to those who are attempting to translate the language. Keep an eye out for more of them if you find yourself somewhere the Corrupted have taken. With more of these pages available, we could actually make some progress!