Ancient Observations

Ancient Observations is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Uncover any remaining tools of the Ancients from Fallswatch Overlook and Valley View Mirador, and return them to Antiquarian Pajitnova.

Quest Giver:

Hello. Has someone sent you to assist me? No matter, it is good to have company for a change.

I am Yelena Pajitnova, an Antiquarian. I study artifacts left behind by the Ancients, in an attempt to determine who they were, what their society was like, how they used their resources. I've been mapping their observation posts throughout the land, smaller structures that dot the landscape, and have just uncovered two more to the west... but I haven't finished my notes here on the Breakwater structures below.

Would you be willing to investigate the two sites for me and bring me back any tools you discover? I would be quite grateful, and would compensate you well!


This view is magnificent... No wonder they constructed this place...

Hm? You're back! Have you uncovered any tools from the observation posts? What were the ruins like? Did the Guardians give you any trouble?

Oh, I see... I do hope you are able to make the trek out there. I know it is asking much of you, and us having just met, but it truly is important! I shall continue my work here, but... please, find what artifacts have survived!


You have a gleam in your eye... you've found something, haven't you? Some artifacts survived? Let me see!

Oh, these are wonderful! And in surprisingly good condition, given how long they have been in the elements. This piece appears damaged, but this seems to be an ear trumpet of some kind, with strange modifications... as though azoth could be inserted into it. For what purpose, I am unsure.

And these... you say the Guardians were carrying them? They are warm to the touch, but I've no idea what they could be. Exciting!

Here, take this for your troubles. And please, come and visit me again!