Azure Tears

Azure Tears is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Collect Wyrdwood Tears from the Dryad soldiers in the Wyrdwood Twists area.

Quest Giver:

Edengrove is abundant in wyrdwood trees, which glow a beautiful blue. The sap can be refined into droplets that look like tears. We Greyjacks call the Wyrdwood Tears.

The tears has many properties for survival and first aid, but most Greyjacks cannot refine the sap. However, the Dryad soldiers of the Wyrdwood Twists are the true masters of that.

They are honorable combatants, defeat the Dryads there and collect Wyrdwood Tears.


Collecting the Tears will aid our members in the wild, come back with a good amount.


These Tears are a great sight to see. There have been many times where I've been alone, with no one around for leagues, and these Tears were my only aid and succor. Collecting them must have been no easy feat. Rest, you've earned it.

These Tears will be well appreciated by the other Greyjacks, and foster goodwill. We are, again, in your debt.