The Fabric Negotiations

The Fabric Negotiations is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Travel to the Monarchs Bluffs settlement and speak with Overseer Saville about the textiles shortage in Windsward.

Quest Giver:

During your investigation to the south, I spoke with Trader Heyn about the textiles issue. She suggested we reach out to the settlements to the north. Overseer Saville in the Monarch's Bluffs settlement may be able to assist. I've noticed their crop varieties haven't been as diverse lately, so taking a range of our foodstuffs with you as a trade sample may be in order.

Take this, and make your way to the settlement in Monarch's Bluffs to speak with Overseer Saville. Let her know that there's plenty more of that if she's willing to come to an accord.


I would normally send Trader Heyn to handle this discussion, but her duties require her to remain here and delegate. You have proven yourself to be a trusted friend to this settlement, so I have no doubt you'll be able to succeed.


Greetings, traveler. What might I help you with today?

Both Campbell's Rest and Clearwater Bend have been taken by the Withered? Alas, this is a sad tale far too common these days... Dayspring Mills, Farside, now Campbell's Rest and Clearwater Bend. Too many have lost their homes, or become lost themselves...

That sampler you have, Windsward is able to maintain a range of such vegetables? Most of our farmers here are focusing on single crops, but I know many in the settlement would prefer a wider variety. Please tell Magistrate Korrapati that I would be happy to negotiate a suitable arrangement.