With Friends Like These

With Friends Like These is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Report to your Faction Representative to view the Faction Missions available, then return to Magistrate Bond for your reward

Quest Giver:

I have added your name to the Faction roster, and you are free to conduct the Faction's business. Remember, keep your conflict outside of the settlement's walls. This is a sanctuary for all, and I make certain that no one violates that trust.

Now, to complete your entry into your Faction, you must speak to your Faction representative. They have missions for you to complete that will aid your Faction in the battle for power on this island. Once you've seen what your representative has available for you, return to me and I shall compensate you accordingly.


This may be exciting for you, traveler, but remember my words. The conflict between the Factions ends at the settlement gates.

Now, report to your Representative and look over whatever tasks they have for you.


The missions you saw are vital tasks for your Faction to succeed, and contributing to them is a way to show your worth to your Faction.

You've proven yourself well here, and appear to have all of the skills needed to survive the wilds of Aeternum. We have prepared you as best we can, and you have responded in kind by assisting the members of this settlement. For that, you have my thanks, as well as this reward.

Feel free to make use of the services throughout the settlement as you need, and keep a weather eye open. Good luck!