Trapping the Trapper

Trapping the Trapper is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Collect Renee's Spike Traps and kill Trapper Renee at Olcott Family Farm.

  • Location: Everfall
  • NPC: Magistrate Clark
  • XP Reward: 4000
  • Gold Reward: 4901
  • Item Reward: Weapon Case (T2)
  • Standing Reward: 250
  • Azoth Reward: 20

Quest Giver:

While most Corrupted usually stick to their marching orders and band together with their fellow crimson-eyed compatriots there is one Corrupted trapper of which I am concerned. Trapper Renee, a fearsome opponent, haunts the old Olcott Family Farm as a lone Corrupted amongst Withered. I have it on good intelligence that she occupies the second floor of the farmhouse where the Olcott family used to dwell.

The Olcotts once grew squashes and gourds as big as your head, but tragedy struck them when Trapper Renee decided that she would take up residence in their home. Now the fields go unplowed, the bodies of the Olcott family the last to water them in blood. Taking down Renee and gathering her spike traps for market should be more than enough to avenge such a heinous act.


After the Olcotts were killed and came back as Withered there seemed to be no hope left for the farm, and it was left abandoned. Killing Trapper Renee won't bring back the farm, but it will give me and countless others peace knowing she isn't up in that farmhouse looking down on us all, planning her next attack. For the sake of everyone in the settlement it would be better off if those lone Corrupted trapper was weakened by a death at your capable hands.


These traps look quite ferocious. Thank goodness you didn't get your hand caught in any of them picking them up. As for bringing Renee down I must congratulate you on your successful hunt. The hunter finally became the hunted, no? Marvelous work.

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